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Android is a free open-source operating system that is used for building mobile android applications.

Java is an object-oriented high-level programming language. With the help of java, we can build mobile apps as well as software.

Kotlin is declared as the official language for Android. It is used for developing mobile applications efficiently.

We will create beautiful UI designs for our applications with the help of eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

In this section, you can download the free source code for all android projects.

Work smart, not hard. In this section, you will gain some tips and insights to optimize the code as well as your profile.

Why You Should Become An Android Developer?

Here are three promising reasons to become an Android Developer in 2022:

✔ Mobile applications will never die instead they will boost in the future and there will be a requirement for an Android Developer.

✔  There are 2.5 billion active android users and 3.4 million android applications on Google Playstore, the community is vast and so does the need of resources.

✔ It pays you a lot. According to indeed.com, the average salary of an Android Developer in the USA is $125,773. You can earn by publishing your app or working for clients.

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